Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Interlibrary loan allows Forest Hill Public Library cardholders (resident or non-resident) to borrow items not owned by FHPL or one of our MetroShare partners from libraries throughout the country. Another library will loan FHPL materials, and we will loan it to you. This service typically takes about 1 week for an item to be delivered, but delivery time varies.

You can have up to ten active ILL requests at any given time (a request is considered active from the date it is placed through one day after the item is returned to FHPL). We will generally try to accommodate renewals for a period of two weeks, but because borrowing periods are dictated by the libraries that lend to us, renewals may sometimes not be possible. Items released less than one year ago are generally not able to be borrowed via ILL, as most libraries will not lend new materials.

If you are interested in borrowing a new item we or one of MetroShare partners don’t have, contact us about a purchase request at

PLEASE NOTE: DVDs and other media types can sometimes be harder to find than traditional books. If you owe a fine of $5.00 or greater and your library card is blocked, you will be unable to request an interlibrary loan.